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So May is gone …

2 Jun

Goodness gracious.  I’ve been gone again.  It’s been a month!

Where was Lindsay in the month of May?

+ You heard I got a new couch.  It’s great.  I love it.  But it obviously changes the whole living room scheme.  I “found” a new side table (*cough* It has been living in the storage room of the parsonage since I moved in.  I figured if no one had come to claim it in the last three and a half years, it was no one’s favorite piece of furniture and it could be mine.  It was kinda falling apart and required some tlc and wood glue.  Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s from like three pastors ago anyways.) and made it my own.  (Spray paint!)  New pillows were sewn, which Mabel has adopted as her own, and a new slipcover for the ottoman.  I also acquired a new chair and moved the old furniture out.  We’re making progress and I like where it’s going. 

    + I finished two quilts – two quilts I’ve been working on for the last, oh, year and a half or two years.  They both hung, unfinished, on my upstairs railing for months before I got the gumption to get ’em done.  And now they are.  And they make me happy.  (Except for that one teal fabric, which happened to be in both of them, which happened to run when washed even with color catcher sheets.  Grr.  The rest of that fabric has went in the garbage.)   

 + May was busy with work.  I had work commitments every Saturday but one.  (And, if we’re honest, it started to make Lindsay a little cookoo.)  Wedding, baptism, synod assembly, crazy work.  Hoping for June to be a bit quieter with the ability to reclaim my days off.

+ On my first Saturday off in forever, Dave and I took a trip to Decorah so I could show him around my old stomping ground.  We biked a bit, ate ice cream, saw Dunnings Springs, and stopped for a wine tasting on the way home.  Also in the month of May, we undertook the Harry Potter series and watched each movie in rainy May’s weather, bought and assembled Lindsay’s new grill, and made salsa.  


+ I discovered the television series Parks and Rec.  Why did that take me so long?

+ I planted my garden and planted way too much in it.  Sunflowers, popcorn, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, pepper, carrots, lettuce, onions, oh my.  I planted strawberries too.  Strawberries that the rabbits sure are enjoying … silly wrabbits.  

That’s it. But that’s enough, right?  Here’s to June being a little less crazy. And here’s to June because it includes a week of vacation and Mama Leanne’s wedding!

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