Who is this gnome preacher?

Hi.  My name is Lindsay.

I am a seminary graduate who did my year of internship in Dawson, MN.  Dawson is known for something.  It’s Gnometown, USA, baby.  It was in Gnometown that this blog was born; hence, gnome preacher.  If you ever are to go visit this small delightful place in southwestern Minnesota, you’ll recognize it by the Gnome Park – a park filled with gnomes that represent important members of the community.  It was here that I learned to love those short, slightly creepy statues and their culture.  This love became known to many and so now my very own Gnome Park continues to grow in size inside a curio cabinet.

I currently pastor a small church in southeastern Minnesota, continually surprised by my love for ministry and God’s grace.

Thank for stopping by my little slice of the world.