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The straw bales are here!

6 May

The straw bales are here!

They took a bit longer than I had hoped to arrive in my garden but last night, just as the sun was setting, my straw bales arrived on the back of an atv.  But let’s back up –

First, I had to cover the existing garden with landscape fabric to prevent the weeds from growing up into/through the bales.  And that existing garden plot?  It was FILLED with weeds.  Pretty thrilled I won’t have to be pulling them through the summer.  (The green things poking up through the fabric are strawberry plants I planted last year.)IMG_5515

Next, while waiting for the bales to arrive, I began to add my garden border of plates.  Estate sales, Salvation Army, and the Re-Sale Store in Austin have added to my supply.  But I need more.  The border is not quite complete.  Meanwhile, people think it’s weird.  (But it’s colorful and reusing and I like it.)IMG_5517

Last night, the bales arrived.  First came six.  The Boyfriend thought I needed two more so he hopped on the atv with Pete and fetched me three more.  I’ve got me nine bales that will become a home for my veggies.IMG_5526

So for the next twelve days, I’ll take turns fertilizing and watering.  Hopefully, on day twelve-ish the bales will be ready for planting!

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