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Puppy update.

23 Jan

Here’s the update: the bernedoodle pup plan I mentioned ended up not panning out.  It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Because The Boyfriend, through a wonderful, awesome work connection, got us on a list for a litter of f1b goldendoodles.  (F1B = goldendoodle + poodle.  As Dave would say: extra fluffy.  As Lindsay would say: zero shedding.)  Bless his heart, he didn’t want me to have to wait any longer and thought my dream dog should be my next dog.  (And he’s super excited too.)

The puppies were born yesterday!  We are #6 on a list for eight puppies so the gender/color that will come home with us is not yet known.  But they’re here!  And one will come to live with me/Dave towards the end of March.  (Shared custody-ish?  Mostly with me.  But probably some back and forth, house to house, as schedules need.)

So super excited.fullsizerender9

2016 finishes.

2 Jan


It’s been a busy sewing year.

Top, left to right: a massive (aka hard to take a picture of) tshirt quilt for The Boyfriend (We paid someone to quilt it.  No way could I do that heavy, big quilt on my machine!); my weekender tote with yellow flamingos; a baby girl quilt for baby girl Kelsey (daughter of a Banana) full of farm fancies that are hard to see – chicken wire, eggs, and farm scenes.  (Note for 2017: Improve photography of quilts.)

Middle, left to right: a low volume quilt that now resides on my bed (Ironically, the pattern name is “Sunday morning,” the one morning I can’t stay in my bed any too long.); a set of quilts for a set of baby boys; Legendary, a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, completed just in time for my younger brother’s Christmas gift (a quilt I can barely believe I pulled off).

Bottom, left to right: a nautical baby quilt for another Banana baby; a set of throw pillows for my aunts made out of Grandpa Sid’s overalls; a baby quilt with Japanese flair for a baby who calls Japan her current home.


I’ve already began cutting fabric for a quilt for my older brother, which will be his delayed Christmas present.  While I wait for a fabric order to arrive for that quilt, I pulled out some blocks I made in years past; perhaps this is the year that the piles of red and blue half square triangles get sewn together.  There will undoubtedly be a few baby quilts to be made and there is a pile of Christmas fabric waiting to be made into a Christmas quilt (hopefully by next holiday season).  There are also oodles of scraps begging to be made into something.  There is never a shortage of sewing to be done!fullsizerenderimg_6021


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