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An ode to summer.

22 Aug

The summer is nearly over and I’ve updated you none.

Here we go: summer in a blog post.

Emmett is both lovely and infuriating. (Today: Infuriating. My floor is covered in stuffing from one of his toys. He has rang his bell to go outside more than I think he should. Hanging outside while I did yardwork was the perfect time for him to dig a hole in the yard. This morning I turned on the shower and he jumped in before I did.)  We went to puppy class for a series of Wednesdays this summer with a local kennel club. He learned a few new things including manners around friend dogs. He got his first haircut and looked like a weirdo for about three weeks until it started growing back again.  We learned that he gets his own cup of ice cream when we drive through Dairy Queen and that, though he can swim, he is not a huge fan.

IMG_6415Dave bought a camper so we’re camper people now. We’ve talked about it for years, how we want to be camper people someday. We’ve taken it out once to stay in the yard of his sister’s house in Wisconsin. It will travel with us to WI again in a couple weeks as we journey east for a family wedding. I’m looking forward to recovering seat cushions and sewing curtains and making the camper uniquely ours. (As Dave told his mom: Lindsay can’t have a space like this and not make it her own. He knows me well.)

We had family visit last weekend – Dave’s brother, sister-in-law, and their two kids from North Carolina. We spent time at the SPAM Museum, playing bocce ball in the yard, and watching the Angry Birds movie on repeat.  Literally ON REPEAT.  *crazy eyes face*

The garden grows but the lack of butternut squash has me both concerned and peeved. (I planted four plants … and I spy only two squash.)  I have oodles of green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Zucchini too. Crossing my fingers I have oodles of sweet potatoes when that harvest happens.

I spent an afternoon at the pool with my favorite Dawson/Owatonna family. Game of Thrones has been keeping Dave and I enthralled on Sunday evenings. I’m getting into the dog collar sewing business. (You can bet Emmett will have holiday-themed collars.)  I paid zero attention to the eclipse. I’ve joined the #100hexies100days2017 group on social media; each day for the next 100 I make one English paper pieced fabric hexagon.  Tomorrow is day nine.

Thanks, summer. You’ve been good … but slightly uneventful too.  (Causing this blog post to be a bit of a bore. I blame summer … and being near my bedtime on a Tuesday.)

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