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Hello, old friend.

29 Oct

I feel like we have some catching up to do.

I’ve written about my craft show adventure.  But some other things have happened in the last two months.

I visited Las Vegas for the first time and can confidently say I don’t need to go back anytime too soon. Dave, his work colleague, Becca, and I traveled together; Dave and Becca attended a conference while we were there and I was along for the ride.  Notables: hiking Red Rock Canyon; the fact that it was cooler in Las Vegas than it was in MN that particular week; time by the pool with a good book; exploring Container Park; sharing in Dave’s-kid-in-a-candy-store attitude while visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame.IMG_6529IMG_6564IMG_6541IMG_6525

Dave and I have been spending mucho-time in the basement of the parsonage sprucing it up.  We’ll need the space when he moves in next year.  (*cough* pinball machines *cough*) We had to clear out old (moldy) cabinets and ceiling tiles, pressure wash moldy walls, paint and paint some more, scrape the floor, paint some more … but good news!  We’re done and it looks awesome. I no longer am terrified of finding dead mice or ugly spiders when I do laundry.  Victory!

Mama Leanne came to visit. She helped me do fall yard work, cleaned my kitchen (Thanks, Mom!), and took me shopping … for wedding dresses. (Ohhh!  Ahhh!) I think I have found one that will be comfortable (utmost priority) and practical and pretty and – added bonus – it has pockets.

Way back when, I told you about a sewing retreat I signed up for – Glamp Stitchalot. It’s almost here, people!  I’ve learned that a couple (or all) of the projects are completely out of my league but, hey, I’m going to learn. And meet new quilting friends. And glamp in a swanky Sheraton for three nights. And I’m super excited about it.  (Usually events like this freak the-introvert-in-me completely out. I will know no one. I will spend three days with these people – eating with them, sewing next to them, conversing with them. That’s a lot for me. A LOT. But I’m so not freaking out. I’m too excited about the fabric and the quilty people and the stitching!)

As an aside, a tree fell onto my compost bin.  That’s fun. IMG_6629

Craft fair-ing.

28 Oct

I did a thing today.

I set up a booth at the local craft fair and sold some practical, home-sewn goodies.

IMG_6634I mentioned this in my last blog post – I decided to jump. To leap. To try something I’ve kinda always wanted to do.

I still remember walking into the Olson Campus Center at Luther Seminary and meeting my newly-found friend, Melissa, whose first words that day were, “We think you should open an Etsy store!”  We developed a five year plan … which would have expired two years ago.

I never opened an Etsy store. I was a bit too intimidated. Scared. What if I failed? What if I made a bunch of stuff and it never sold? What if it sold and the people who received it thought it sucked? So many reasons not to.

But today I tried it anyways. The past weeks I’ve been a horrible friend and doggy mommy, because I’ve been sewing in every spare second.  I gathered inventory I was happy with and nervouscited  (nervous + excited) to display and sell.

Was it a smash hit? Not exactly.  Did I sell stuff? Absolutely. Will I do it again? Probably. (Actually, yes.  A friend and I signed up for a show in Austin in three weeks. I’ve got enough inventory to carry me there.)

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