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Forgive me.

26 Apr

Father, forgive me, for it has been nearly three months since my last blog post.

What brings me back?  It’s been a day of excitement – the eh kind and the great kind.

IMG_7005I dropped this guy off at the vet this morning to get *whispers* neutered. No more romps with the neighbor dog for him. (That’s another story.). He’s a little out of it and sleepy but he’ll get lots of extra treats in the next couple days.


I tried out my new Chacos for the day. I’m so ready for sandals all day, every day.  I also got a new pair of Chaco flips (My most favorite, everyday summer sandals. Yes, they’re expensive. But they’re comfy and will last for years. Unless your puppy chews them. Like Emmett did to my favorite pair last summer. Hence the new pair.)

Dave and I had a lunch date. We ate at our favorite downtown Mexican restaurant but before that, we walked across the street to the government center to get our MARRIAGE LICENSE. It’s real, people. On a related note, invites went in the mail today. A big task to check off the list.

What else is happening in life? I’ve been grateful to be showered with love TWICE in the last couple weeks – a fun, lovely shower at home in Wisconsin and a wonderful shower thrown by the women at church.

We’re getting the camper out tomorrow.  We’re not taking it anywhere quite yet but getting it ready. We have reservations at a primitive campground just south of Austin for Memorial Day Weekend and we have a floor to fix. (The cold weather this winter warped and tore it somehow. But it’s okay. We were planning to replace it anyways.)

So there you are. A blog update. Maybe more will come in the next weeks or maybe you’ll have to wait in suspense another three months. *shrugging woman emoji*


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