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10 Nov

Craft show #1 of the season is in the books. (Photo below.) I’m currently restocking for show #2 in a week.


As I sew more pillows and dog collars and over-the-collar bandanas for pups, I also created a facebook page. (eek.) It will be a place to send people who ask if I have a facebook page (previous answer: no. now answer: yes.) and who request special orders. It will also (hopefully) be a place to sell items in the near future. (That’s where the true eek comes in. I’m not sure how ready I feel for digital sales but I’ll figure it out before that piece launches.) If you would like to like my page and follow along, here’s a link.

I’ll come back to keep you updated. Other updates I constantly intend on writing: a trip to Portland, a rug I sewed from fabric, wedding photos, etc. Don’t give up on me yet.


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