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29 Dec

In my church life, I’ve been a part of a leadership cohort for the past year. It’s been wonderful learning and camaraderie. At one of our retreats, we watched the very first bit of this Ted Talk  – Simon Sinek sharing with us that it’s the WHY that matters, not the WHAT or the HOW.

I’ve used that thinking in the church world but I’ve also been pondering it in the sewing world. In my Sew Practical world. Why do I sew the things I sew to sell? (Say that five times fast.) And I think I’m just beginning to figure it out.

I believe that everything should be full-stop covered in color. There is never too much color. Step into our house and you’ll see it. My kitchen spatulas are not white; they’re every color under the rainbow. My measuring cups and mixing bowls: color. (Here is where a love of vintage Pyrex makes complete sense too!) Our dinner plates? The same plate in six different colors.  Coffee cups? The same cup in five colors. My closet is filled with cardigans and scarves of every color. In my sewing room, one wall is green and my fabric stash is organized in such a way it’s part of the decor. Color. It’s why I love scrappy quilts with a whole variety of patterns and designs. Prior to June, people would ask me what our wedding colors were. I’d say, all the colors. (It was never the helpful answer they were looking for.)

I try to infiltrate every corner of the house with color. Even the most practical things. Here’s what I’ve figured out: I am filled with joy when practical, everyday, ordinary things – dog collars, key chains, coffee sleeves, pillowcases – consist of color. Color and design and pattern to the exponential degree. And so naturally, I want to share this color happiness with others. Why have a super boring key chain when you could have a fun one? It makes zero sense to me.

Pillowcases are my new favorite way to spread color and excitement. Sure, you could use the pillowcases that come with your sheet set. That works. But you could also add a pop or have some fun with something so simple. This year for Christmas, all of my siblings received a pillowcase and I’ve made pillowcases for nieces/nephews/younger friends for many years. Dave and I have Christmas flannel pillowcases on our couch. (And – case in point – Dave giggles whenever he looks at them because the fabric is so fun/silly.) (Watch for pillowcases to come to Sew Practical in the coming year.)

This fall/winter was the official beginning of Sew Practical. I had done a couple sales last year but it was this year I kind of jumped all in. Two sales AND a facebook page. (I know.) I’m hopeful to list some new, seasonal things throughout the year to the facebook page and may up my number of in-person shows in 2019.  It’s been fun spreading color in the most practical of ways.


Merriest of Christmases.

28 Dec

Merry Christmas, friends of the blog-o-sphere. I hope your holiday was fun and magical and full of laughs.

Mine consisted of dressing up the dog (see below) and staying in pajamas ALL the day long. After a long week that led up to Christmas Eve worship, come Christmas Day, I was toast. Done. Burned. And a day of pjs, movies and egg bake was precisely what I needed.


I’m spending these days after Christmas catching up on some sewing and some housekeeping. That includes you, dear blog. It’s time for some catching up and housekeeping.  More is coming!

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