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Scone business.

27 Mar

We’ve been all about scones here at this parsonage lately. Dave, the not-a-sweets lover, discovered he loved scones. (I love scones too! You’d think we were meant for each other!) (Okay. Fine. Maybe not so much fate because, really, who doesn’t love scones? No friend of mine.) So Dave loves scones. And thus started asking occasionally, Why don’t you make me scones? (It’s a question prompt that is a regular part of conversations here. Why don’t you … make tater tot hot dish? Play pinball with me? You get it.)

Being in the first year of marriage as we are, I still aim to please. (Four months from now, maybe not. But who are we kidding? Probably so. People pleaser. *points to self*) We’ve made our rounds through a few scone recipes; here’s how they break down:

Blackberry Lime: These were decent. We didn’t love the combo and the lime didn’t stand out as much as I’d like. Next time: more lime. And maybe a glaze.

Blueberry lemon: Classic. Go-to. Always delicious. I’ve been making them for years and they’re still great.

Cast Iron Skillet Scones: I loved that these didn’t require turning the dough out and making a mess. Dave’s comment: cakey. *shrug*

Mango Chocolate Chunk: These are *hands down* our favorite. Such a crazy combo and we gobbled them up. We’ve only recently discovered fresh mangos (Thanks, Aldi.) and decided we loved them even more once we googled how to cut them.

I’d really love a celebratory reason to make these or these. Sprinkle scones!

Some Saturday we’re just going to celebrate sprinkles and eat them for funsies.

People often ask me if making scones is hard. No. Not hard. But cutting butter into the flour mixture is never too much fun for me. (I haven’t tried the food processor method so that’s a possibility. I usually use a pastry blender.) And they get messy when you form them/knead/cut them after mixing. Other than that, easy peasy, light and breezy. Not too many dirty dishes and we can almost always make a batch with what we have on hand. I have discovered that you can mix the night before, cut and place on cookie sheet, refrigerate and bake the next morning. A super time saver for when you want Saturday morning scones but you don’t want to wake up early to mix. (*raises hand*) Note that scones are best the day they are baked so invite friends to share. (Or eat four or five yourself. No judgement here.)

Scones, people. They’re wonderful.

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