A weekend of –

13 Sep
– Vegetable races?  For fun.  I went to the Lac Qui Parle County fair just up the road in Madison, MN and planned my visit specifically for this event.  

Gardeners brought in their produce and kids of all ages picked their vegetable of choice, grabbed a wheel kit, and using toothpicks, flowers, and any vegetable available, created their mode of transportation.  They then raced their vegetable down a track to compete for the longest run.  

Some of the veggie mobiles were quite plain, built for distance with proper weight distribution and the like, while others were quite creative works of art or a way of cheering on a certain football player.

As a spectator, this girl was my favorite to watch.  So darn cute and so darn ready to race her eggplant!

– The installation of me.  I was officially installed as the intern pastor at Grace Lutheran Church this morning during the service.  Then following the service, the congregation and I played a game show to better get to know Pastor Lindsay.  They learned that I have have no tattoos and believe in extraterrestrial beings only on rare occasions.  People seem to love the fact that I drink coffee and I’m a “good Lutheran” because of it.  For my love of coffee, they gave me a gift of a coffee mug and coffee.  The mug reads: Coffee.  Chocolate.  Men.  Some things are just better rich.  True?
– I made applesauce and dare I say, it’s not only edible but tastes pretty good.  I remember my Grandma Vera, a grandma of so many treats and homemade deliciousness, used to make applesauce all the time,
sometimes with lots of cinnamon and red hot candies.  I made a very simple recipe and can foresee myself making more as the season of fall and apples aplenty surround us.  
– I was invited over to the interim pastor’s house to have lunch with her and her family.  It was wonderful to eat somewhere other than my apartment and with other people.  The food of choice was pizza and the preferred television station was the one with the Vikings.  (I am in MN after all but still so strange to see Farve wearing purple!)  Lori and her family live on a farm so I was also privy to see the baby calves.  For cute.  I left with the invitation to come back anytime, perhaps specifically at 5:30 pm to help milk!  I’ve never actually milked cows before so I’m game to learn.  Milking cows – another skill to add to my internship final evaluation!

2 Responses to “A weekend of –”

  1. Jeanette September 13, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    Applesauce made with redhots! That's how my Grandma makes it! Delicious!!! You are inspiring me to make applesauce of my own… 🙂 I'm glad things are going well Lindsay!

  2. karasquatsch September 13, 2009 at 11:48 pm #

    I just have one question: which vegetable won? How come you are keeping us in suspense?:)Yay for being installed!

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