a september summary

28 Sep
A Grace summary from the past weeks:
  • First sermon – check. It feels good to have it behind me and I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about my sermon and how relaxed I seemed while preaching. Next sermon: Oct. 18.
  • I attended a youth mini-golf outing this past Sunday afternoon. Someone set up a bus for us to take … a party bus. Seriously. This bus is typically rented for bachelorette and bachelor parties. There may or may not have been a pole in the middle of the bus and puke buckets scattered throughout.
  • I am starting to recognize faces and remember names which makes this feel like a more comfortable and home-like place.
  • Confirmation has begun and this Wednesday afternoon I’m in charge of the 24 seventh and eighth graders all by my lonesome. I think I will bake them cookies and bribe them to love me.
  • I have visitors lined up for the next two weekends – awesome – and then the following week I will be attending a theological conference for three nights in St.Cloud, MN.
  • After services on October 11, I will be driving the three hours to St.Paul to see Rob Thomas in concert with my bestest, Sara. I am VERY excited for this adventure!
  • I am done with my quilt top! Now I await a machine quilting presser foot of sorts for my machine because I have decided to machine quilt it instead of tie it. I also am still waiting for more floor space in my apartment to appear magically so I have the space to lay the quilt out with the back and batting.
  • Lori, the interim pastor, made bars yesterday on her day off and gave me one. She made scotcheroos with butterscotch mixed in with the chocolate for the top. Glorious. Just like Mom. You know, lots of people don’t make them that way and that missing element of butterscotch just leads to disappointment. (Apologies to anyone who neglects the butterscotch.)
All in all, I drove to work today and realized that I am enjoying myself. The staff I work with is great and the church community is so welcoming and caring towards me. I like it and feel like it’s a good place for me to be at this point in time.

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