5 Oct
I had my first visitors to Dawson this past weekend and it was awesome to see Grandpa Sid, Aunt Janice, and Uncle Bill. They made a weekend of it and joined me after a short jaunt to Brookings. I gave them the royal tour of Dawson – it takes about five minutes – and then we went in search of a place to eat dinner. This is more difficult than it sounds because we ended up at Dairy Queen. It seemed every other venue was packed to the brim with an event or Saturday night diners and there aren’t that many venues to pick from to begin with!
They stayed at a guest house here in Dawson (wonderful accommodations!) and then came to 8:30 worship at Grace. They met many people before service who approached them, knowing they were new faces, and Lori, the interim pastor, introduced them before she preached her sermon! (I’m not sure Grandpa liked that or the applause that followed!) They sadly had to leave right after the service, but had a long drive ahead of them that day.
Word travels and even the people who weren’t at 8:30 worship kept asking me about my family that visited! Have they left yet? Did they like it? Where are they from? When is your mom coming to visit? It’s a small town … and they’re perhaps a bit nosey but with good intentions.

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