a tour of area statuary

12 Oct

Last Friday, I welcomed three friends from seminary to bunk and play with me for the weekend. James drove, Justin took pictures, and Kate slept on the three hour journey from St.Paul to Dawson. They arrived bearing hugs, apples, cookies, and sleeping necessities for the weekend away. We spent our time watching movies, playing games, catching up, and touring the area statuary, including :
The gnomes in Dawson. Of course. We discovered that the gnome chapel is open and we could walk inside and worship in the tiny pews at our own will! Pastor Lori said that the chapel has actually held wedding services before. For normal sized people and not pint sized people. Not quite sure how that works.
A dude from Uruguay who resides in Montevideo and a viking in Milan.
Then, of course, there is Lou T. Fisk in Madison.
We had a wonderful time exploring the vast western Minnesotan landscape in the freshly fallen snow on October 10. Snow. October 10. Oh. I think I also failed to mention – we found Gladys, the missing gnome. Case closed.

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