gnome home.

22 Oct
I live in gnomeland. I’m a neighbor to gnome park. I consider myself on a first name basis with many gnome people in the area. I am a friend to the gnomes and here in Dawson, I seem to be in the minority.
No one here seems to care for or about the gnomes. I mention the gnomes to others, often with a giggle because the gnomes are like that – they make me giggle, but I receive stares and questions in response. People who have grown up with the gnomes think they are just a fixture in their community, much like the toilet the Smith’s use in their front yard as a planter for flowers. It’s old hat. Nothing new. And so no one cares when Gladys goes missing. The flyers I put up in town regarding her whereabouts go unanswered. No one is concerned.
To prevent the ignoring and possible threat to gnome lives, I have taken some smaller gnomes under my roof, to protect and care for them. I consider my apartment to be a safe gnome home. Currently, two gnomes make their residence in apartment #206 with me. I’d like to introduce them to you.
This husky gnome on the left came to seek refuge all the way from Seattle, Washington. My friend, Kari, knew of my passion for the gnome people and brought this little guy my way. He looks a bit like he might play the role of Santa Gnome to the gnome children come Christmas time. I do fear that he came nameless and I am currently seeking the perfect name to fit him. I welcome suggestions.
Then there is this guy. He’s an original swinger who

traveled to me from Stillwater, MN. The Gieseke family, bless their hearts, is always on the lookout for the gnome folk and believed that this guy could be at home with me. Ideally, he enjoys swinging in the summer breeze but as the winter approaches, he will remain inside and still. Ironically, he needs a name too! Ideas?

One Response to “gnome home.”

  1. karasquatsch October 28, 2009 at 9:51 pm #

    I think your Santa-esque gnome should be known as Bert. And the swinging gnome looks like a Humphrey to me

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