and it was good.

25 Oct
The quilt is complete. It’s finished. It’s done. And I’m proud. It’s pretty much not quality, not going to lie, but I’m still proud. It’s a little long and I’m not sure I’m too nuts about how much white it ended up having within it. Love it still.
The quilt adorns my bed but I also like to cuddle under it while watching television. Like tonight. After a l.o.n.g. day of two worship services – one at which I preached, one 1.5 hour service of confirmation at which I assisted – and bouncing four confirmation parties, I am absolutely beat. Perfect evening for a movie (Transformers II – thank you again netflix), a few chapters of my for-fun book, and an early bedtime.
Next weekend I have a trip to the cities planned, a trip which will include hanging out at seminary, lunch with a favorite friend, AND purchasing fabric for my next quilting endeavor. Considering a more traditional quilt with, of course, a more modern twist … perhaps a nine-patch? I’m thrilled to pick out fabric for a new project and also very excited that my friend, Kate, a senior at seminary, is now quilting too so we can fabric shop together!
(PS Like the rubbermaid totes that need to be stacked in the corner of my bedroom because of lack of storage? Tasteful. Attractive. No other option.)

One Response to “and it was good.”

  1. Jeanette October 28, 2009 at 10:56 pm #

    Your quite is gorgeous! Yea! I can't wait to see it in person. As to the rubbermaid containers I have a few sitting around my place as well although they could make it into closets. Perhaps you can quilt a cover for them? 😉 Anyway, I had to laugh when I heard your apartment #206. I am apartment #207. Why haven't we run into each other yet? 😉 Take care and thanks for the updates!

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