quote of the week

15 Nov
Keith, the custodian at church, is very much a grandpa-like figure. He’s great to chat with, always waves to me when he passes me while he drives school bus in the morning, but the conversations are never too in depth and rarely cross into a personal arena. And his wife, Gail, makes homemade donuts; I have been lucky enough to be the recipient of such delicacies and will be bringing them home next week to share.
Anyways, it’s Tuesday morning and Keith is strolling through the halls of the education wing, pulling his large garbage can behind him, emptying the garbage from the classrooms as he passes. He casually strolls past my office, pauses, and then asks me from the doorway, “So, found any boyfriends yet?” He laughs and then continues on his way as I stumble on my words and – I’m sure – turn red.
Boyfriends. Plural. I guess I have my work cut out for me if I’m to live up to Keith’s expectations for my social life. I’ll get started right away.

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