home: a brief summary

28 Nov
… I had a wonderful sleepover in St.Paul with my bestest, Sara, on my way home for thanksgiving. We did everything that we love to do together – watch Friends, IKEA walk about, play Carcassone, a bottle of wine, Pride and Prejudice and an extended conversation about office supplies – notably the multi-color packs of Sharpies.
… New Moon! Emma, Aunt Kari, Molly, Kay and I watched vampires and werewolves with their shirts off on Tuesday night. Kay and I cuddled (made easier after breaking the arm rest between us) and rooted strong for Team Jacob!
… an impromptu lunch with friends including the movie Up!, grilled cheese, coffee, and cookies. A perfect chance to catch-up. Timmy’s day-after-Thanksgiving party with trivia was a great time as always. Twenty people a year do this when they see the Goodyear blimp – ________.
… family at Thanksgiving. Well, family and the homeless guy. Two great games of 31 (which I lost), chats, a bake-off, a mini-hike alongside the creek, and yummy food.
… a thanksgiving day bake-off! This year the dessert had to include a vegetable and thus we had a carrot cake, pumpkin cupcakes, and a store-bought chocolate cake with a green pepper turkey on top. After the very technical voting process, the results were a tie between the three – the carrot and pumpkin desserts tied for taste and the cheater cake won for presentation.

… a trip to the playground. After the turkey and stuffing, a bunch of us walked to the elementary school where we had a crazy time running off some food and energy. The sway fun? It was way fun.
… the tiniest little black Friday shopping trip with Emma and Molly. It wasn’t a zoo according to Molly; there were no giraffes.

… family. friends. hugs.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it was difficult to get in the car this morning at 10 am to make the drive back to Dawson. Part of the difficulty is knowing that the next holiday is one I won’t be home with my family and also not necessarily knowing when I will next be home. Alas, eight hours later, I arrived in Dawson, unpacked, resettled, and I think it will be okay though I miss home a bit already.

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