thurs. and fri.

9 Jan

Thursday: January marks my fifth month at Grace so naturally, the three month evaluation should probably be done, eh? Yes, it should have been done early last month but with Christmas planning, it just wasn’t in the cards. For the evaluations required by the seminary, both my supervisor and I fill out the same forms which ask for reflection/comments on different areas of my internship. Preaching, worship, pastoral care, interaction with the staff, etc. Kendall and I sat down with our laptops and discussed our answers with each other for over two hours on Thursday. Turns out he has confidence that I will be a competent pastor. Phew. After a summer internship that told me the exact opposite, I needed to hear that.

Friday: My day off … except … every other month it is my duty to lead the communion services at the care center and assisted living facilities in Dawson. January is my month so on my day off, I spent my afternoon with old people. (Old people is said affectionately – I like them.)

I was bitter about it at first. I wanted to spend the day in my sweats, watching movies, doing nothing productive. Alas, I put on the appropriate professional clothing, reluctantly did my makeup, and headed out the door. The first service is at the care center and then I walk next door to do the same exact service again at the assisted living facility. (A balancing act as I attempt to carry wine, wafers, and my worship materials outside in the wind. One windy Friday, a bit of Jesus flew off the plate. Opps.) The care center service went well; the bitterness beginning to wash away. The assisted living service takes place in one of their common rooms with a fireplace. I felt myself just melt away in the warmth and the conversation with the old ladies about quilting. Less and less bitter.

When I finish both services, I return to the care center to then deliver communion to anyone who was not at the service, to those residents who mainly keep to their rooms. As I walked down the halls, knocking on doors, delivering communion, I was suddenly glad to be there. (Not that I was totally unhappy before … just a little grief accompanied my duties.) I’m beginning to know the residents at the care center and am struck by how happy they are to have me stop by.

There is one woman, M–, whom I LOVE visiting. Our personalities just work together and she always makes me feel one hundred times better about myself. As Millie and I chatted, prayed together, and held hands, I was surprised at the care she offered me, probably without even knowing it. It might be how she wants to hold my hand or how she speaks so softly and often with a smirk on her face. I could have sat with her all afternoon.

After all was said and done, it was a most excellent day off.

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