cake balls.

4 Feb
Technically called cake pops, cousins Sam and Molly and I made a delicious dessert while I was home.   In some of my nightly blog-stalking, I came across a recipe which looked like a lot of fun.  Turns out they were fun, easier than I thought, and mighty tasty.  It was like cake and frosting, together, dipped in chocolate, on a stick.  Yum.  Even Connor, a 17 year old who never seems to say much except negative things towards me in general, said they were awesome.
I used a boxed cake mix (that Sam crumbles in the above picture – this is before he ran around the kitchen trying to get chocolate cake goo all over Connor) and also put a fair bit of wax in the chocolate which covered the cake pops.  It made about 48 chocolate-balls-on-a-stick.  We substituted wooden skewers for the sucker sticks because of convenience – go with the sucker sticks.  I think they would be sturdier.  And more pretty (like the picture from the website below).  

ps.  if you’re about to run off and make yourself some cake balls — after some further blog stalking, I have read that you can simply bake a cake, crumble, and then add a 16 oz. can of frosting (instead of the cream cheese and powdered sugar that we did).  A bit easier and probably just as tasty!  It appears the original link can no longer be found (gasp!) but let me know if you want the recipe and I can email it your way!

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