three hundred and thirty four.

10 Feb
Here is an article I wrote for the Dawson Sentinal, the local paper, detailing our health kit drive:
On Sunday, February 7, the Sunday school children, confirmation students, and members of Grace Lutheran Church worked side-by-side to assemble health kits for Lutheran World Relief (LWR).  With all of the helping hands and willing participants, it took only 45 minutes to put together 334 health kits!  For the next step in the journey, the kits will be taken to a warehouse in St. Paul, then to be shipped to the people who need them most.

LWR collects the health kits – a bundle of one hand towel, one washcloth, a toothbrush, comb, metal nail file, bar of soap, and six band-aids – year round but recently, after the devastation of the Haiti earthquake, issued a plea for more kits.  This non-profit organization ships health kits, sewing kits, school kits, and quilts to our neighbors in need across the globe.  The health kits are designed to aid refugees – those people who must leave their homes quickly – or to those people who lose their belongings in tragedy, like our neighbors in Haiti.

Thank you to the community of Dawson, the congregations of Baxter/Saron, and the congregation of Grace Lutheran for the donations received in order to fill 334 health kits!  A big thank you as well to those businesses that donated toothbrushes, combs, and nail clippers!  It has been wonderful to see what a community can do to reach out to others that we know need our help and our love.

If any of you are still interested in donating, Grace Lutheran has enough soap, toothbrushes, band-aids, washcloths, and combs to make at least 50 more kits!  We just need 50 new hand towels (dark colors preferred) and 50 metal nail files/nail clippers with files to make that possible!  If you are able to donate either of these items, please drop them off at Grace Lutheran.  Thank you!

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