Saturday perfection.

27 Feb

First order of business – a trip to the gym and a solid twenty minute run (hey, a big accomplishment for me!) alongside lifting.  It was a good workout, not complete without a conversation with an older congregation member about how it’s important to get the heart pumping.  True story.
After a shower, it was time for the quilt top and I to meet again, hopefully with less frustration than last Saturday when I threw my seam ripper aside in frustration.  We’ve become friends again, the nine-patch and I, after I successfully have now completed the top!  Four months in progress and I finally feel like I’ve gotten somewhere.  Next, I need to decide what to do with the back; I’m ready to say nothing too exciting so I can move onto quilting it.

While sewing, I found Field of Dreams on tv.  It has been years since I’ve seen the movie; we had the $5 VHS tape from McDonalds and remember watching it with my dad growing up.  It was a good reminder of my Luther College days – Iowa is heaven-like.  Our family also had the $5 McDonalds tape of Back to the Future; we know where that got me.  (Obsession.) 

Quilt top: Complete.  I will leave it hanging on my wall for the next few hours so I can stare at it and feel accomplished.  Now it’s coffee and cookie time.  I baked cookies last night to mail out to a few people; it was a new blog recipe find.  There are three kinds of chocolate in the cookies … intense.  I also used whole-wheat flour which throws the texture off a bit but they’re still tasty. 
As for the rest of the day, a confirmation lesson needs to be in the works and perhaps a movie.  I see Hot Rod is on tv later; a movie I have grown to love and quote and one that begs to be watched.
“Goodnight, Denise.”

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