Easter approaches.

24 Mar
It’s hard to believe that I preached my last Lenten sermon tonight.  It was our last Lenten dinner and last opportunity to sing Holden Evening Village.  Crazy to think that six weeks have flown by so quickly.  I completely dated myself (in the young way) in my sermon tonight; who knew that choose-your-own-adventure books were a relatively new development to an older congregation?  While I realize we travel towards the joy of Easter and the empty tomb (playdough artwork below by a confirmand), I enjoy lent.  I think I might miss it a little bit; my Wednesday evenings may feel a bit empty.  
C. is a pretty faithful lenten dinner and service attendee with his younger sister and parents.  Tonight, during the beginning of the service when we welcome those around us, C. reached past both his parents to shake my hand.  Then he said, in his darling four year old dialect, “Pastor Lindsay, I have something to show you.”  New shoes.  C. got new shoes.  They’re pretty cool.
As Lent comes to a close and we usher in holy week with Palm Sunday this coming weekend, it’s definitely time for an egg hunt – an egg hunt as part of an EGG-stravaganza.  Today, after confirmation, I bribed a few seventh and eighth graders to stick around with cookies and chips.  They helped me fill and then hide 60 dozen eggs.  Let me do the math for you – 720 eggs.  I think the EGG-citement went to my head when I planned this event for Sunday schoolers; what was I thinking?  There soon was no hiding space for this many eggs so the hallway floors of our three-story education wing are peppered with eggs.  It’s going to be chaotic and EGG-cellent!  
Even Jesus is getting into the egg hunt spirit — 

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