a finished quilt for a 100th post.

26 Mar
This is my 100th post on my internship blog!  Woot!  (“woot” has become one of my favorite written interjections of late.  I woot a lot.)  What better subject for this monumental post than to share a finished quilt with you!
In the past five months or so, this nine-patch has been started, then put away for a few weeks.  Pulled out then put away.  It’s been a sporadic journey but the journey is finally complete!
I’m trying to not dwell on the things that aren’t perfect and the lessons I learned in the process of – what I would consider to be – my first “real” quilt.  There are many aspects/steps that I can improve upon in my future quilting adventures.  I consider it my first “real” quilt because the top was much more time-consuming/intense than previous strips of fabric or simple square, and because it’s finished with a real binding.  While mistakes are many, I’m still pretty darn proud of the result!  
I fell in love with the hand-sewing of the binding, the final step in the quilt construction.  I loved being able to cuddle up under the work-in-progress while sewing away with my needle and brown thread.  
I spent a lot of quality time with the quilt yesterday after my coworkers sent me home for the day.  There may have been a minor Lindsay-almost-blacked-out episode in the office and they thought it best for me to rest for the day.  After hours of successful napping, I took the day as my opportunity to rest up while quilting.  I seem to be fine now; cause of episode unknown.  
The one last step to take in this quilt’s beginning is to wash it.  I love washing a quilt for the first time, pulling it out of the dryer, and feeling the difference – how the quilt becomes a quilt.  It’s no longer just three layers sewn together; it feels different.  Like the back, the batting, and the eclectic top have always belonged together.  
To a completed quilt – woot!
To the 100th posting on my blog – woot!

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