new office decor.

15 Apr
It was Thursday afternoon and I didn’t have much on my to-do list for a change so I spent some time at the care center/assisted living facilities in Dawson “wandering.” I just wandered, talking to people I came across. I was reminded how someone, stopping by just to say hi and share a smile, can completely make another person’s day. It was a lovely Thursday afternoon.
I got back to my office around 5 and found this :

Jesus had a new shrug. A barn musical … thing. A slightly creepy doll, seated as if for counseling. Bird statuary by the phone. The fish-bubble-aquarium tower that changes colors as it bubbles.
But that wasn’t all.
These little creepy guys were chilling on my macbook.
A new afghan on the back of my chair. Though you can’t see in the picture, a small loon is next to my computer. (Necessary, of course, because the loon is apparently the state bird of MN.) And did you notice the spotlight? A spotlight, aimed directly at my face as I sat in my chair.
Snowman. Fake greenery. Wicker basket thing. Not pictured: twin bunny candles, a wicker bench, music box of sorts, picture of Jesus wearing stage make-up, and a sit ‘n spin. It was quite the sight.
The story: Every year, the women of the church host an attic to cellar sale. Basically, it’s a giant garage sale. People can bring in items to donate for the sale and the basement becomes the rummage sale. Apparently Kendall and Karen had been gradually setting things aside as they arrived, things they knew I would especially appreciate and love in my office. Unfortunately, we had to take the things back to the basement today. But I certainly loved it while it lasted.

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