rhubarb and spring.

28 Apr
I learned today of a mysterious rhubarb patch that is near my apartment building, apparently available and there for anyone in the apartment building. I hadn’t the slightest clue that this rhubarb existed until a congregation member, someone who doesn’t even live in my apartment building, told me about it.
Thus I came home and went on a rhubarb hunt with my kitchen knife.
I’ve always thought it was a small tragedy that when growing up on the farm, we had the largest rhubarb and asparagus patch, neither of which we ever ate in our house. Now I know that I love BOTH of the vegetables – apparently, I read that rhubarb is a vegetable? true? conspiracy? – and don’t have it so readily available as we did on the farm.
I found the illusive rhubarb patch … but was slightly disappointed. The stems are quite small … short … and I would need to pick an entire plant before I had much substantial to show for it. I still picked some and roasted the rhubarb so I can put it on yogurt. Maybe a rhubarb coffee cake for next week’s staff meeting?
On my little jaunt around the apartment building, I was struck by the different flowering trees which have suddenly came to light in the recent weeks – pink, red, and white – and was reminded how I love spring. The weather here has been so agreeable, so perfect. I’ve taken to walking to and from the gym and love the fifteen minute walk there and back in the cool night air. I wish the temperatures would remain in this range; I can do without 80 degrees and humid, which I’m sure is just around the corner.

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