Harland gnome.

29 Apr
Remember this from last week? Police recover Gnome. It was the breaking news on page nine in the Dawson Sentinal.
Harland, the gnome that has been missing for the last four years, has been restored to his original home, next to the feet of his gnome wife, Gladys. (Don’t you feel relieved to know this? Have you breathed a sigh of relief?) Harland and Gladys are both members of Grace, living together in the care center in Dawson. Harland was the manager of the grain elevator in town for many years, hence the prices in his hand. Oh happy day when a gnome has been returned to its gnome home! Now if we could just figure out where the hooligan teenagers put Gladys, all while hoping it wasn’t a velociraptor that took the heart-on-her-sleeve garden dweller … then all would be happy and well in gnome park.

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