drinking habits.

6 May
I’ve developed a severe drinking problem since moving to Dawson.
Coffee, that is.
I drink coffee every morning. Sometimes I use the coffee pot. Sometimes I use my french press. Whichever route I choose, I tote my travel mug along with me to work each morning.
I can think of worse habits but I fear my head is growing far too accustomed to this caffeine intake each morning. I used to drink coffee once in a while and, while living in close proximity to Starbucks and Caribous, my intake was typically sugar-loaded expresso once or twice a week. So really, the switch to regular coffee is better for the pocketbook and sugar intake. Right?
Some days it isn’t just mornings though. After I eat a meal, I sometimes find myself craving a small mug of coffee. I had the most lovely Sunday afternoon at my supervisor’s house with his family and other guests for a lunch following his daughter’s first communion. After lunch there was coffee; it perfected the day. I made a tortilla black bean soup tonight. Then what? I made coffee to sip as I mapped out my latest quilting project – a t-shirt quilt for my sister, Emma.
I believe there are a few reasons behind this drinking habit —
First, lutheran peer pressure. I’m lutheran. I work in a church. Coffee is omnipresent like God himself … not really but are you drinking what I’m brewing? Coffee is around. Available. Begging me to drink it. A lot.
Second, my coffee-loving coworkers. Tuesday staff meetings have helped me tolerate and, I dare say, enjoy some strong, bold cups of coffee. (In any mug but the blue one – that one is Keith’s.)
Third, church functions. What church function in Grace Hall exists without coffee? Answer: None. A few Sundays ago, Dawson had no power for a few hours on Sunday morning. We were aware that this outage was to happen; it was a planned move by the power company. We could have worship in a church with no lights or microphones; we could make that work. But the big question: Could we hold worship when there would be no electricity to make coffee for fellowship following worship? Don’t worry; a member went through much effort to bring a generator to church in order that the church service could still be broadcast on the radio and there was space to plug the coffee maker in too.
Fourth, necessity. Sometimes I don’t get enough sleep and the caffeine intake needs to be raised. For example, when I sleep for two hours at a lock-in on a Friday night or when I refuse to go to bed until at least one more quilt square is cut.

One Response to “drinking habits.”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy May 7, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    It must be something about Dawson. Aaron also picked up the habit since moving here. Our fridge now constantly stores a varied assortment of creamers to support Aaron's addiction.

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