oh happy day.

9 May
It’s been a pretty slow blog week. Not much to report. But I’ll try.
… I’ve been recovering from a cold for the past week. The lock-in and only two hours of sleep did me in. I’m still sniffling a fair bit but the sore throat has made its leave. Combine the cold with the rainy weather and it’s been a good week to hibernate at night, go to bed early, or cuddle up with a new movie. Which leads me to –
… I’ve been pretty disenfranchised with chick flicks of late and haven’t been a fan of the ones I have recently seen. But I’ve always been attracted to the Irish accent and landscape so I rented Leap Year via itunes on Friday night. I may or may not have watched this one twice in my 24 hour rental period. Friday night I was completely engaged and then again over breakfast on Saturday morning. I love Amy Adams and the man with the Irish accent wasn’t bad on the eyes in the least. If you have seen the movie or do see it, I’m interested to know your opinion of the ending – that was where the movie and I parted ways. Not simply because it was over but because I disagreed. On a related note, renting movies from itunes may become a new weekend habit – so easy and convenient.
… I was led to rent Leap Year because I saw a trailer for the movie during my on-demand viewing of last week’s episode of The Office. (Applause for the show once more – I thought it was a great episode. “Isn’t it too early for ice cream?” “No. It’s never to early for ice cream. And this is mayonnaise and black olives. *takes bite* Ick.”) The trailer for the movie featured a song whose singer sounded so familiar but I couldn’t place it. Googled it. Snow Patrol. A Snow Patrol song I hadn’t yet downloaded. Love Snow Patrol. Yet another thing of beauty to come out of Ireland. (In addition to the accent and the landscape. We’ll throw men on that list too.)
… Before you even begin reading the paragraph that follows this ellipses, I warn you that what I will continue to write is a pointless story. It’s my month to lead the Friday communion services at the care center and assisted living facility in Dawson. The afternoon begins with a service at the care center and I then walk the 100 feet to the assisted living facility and do the same service over again. (It was a rainy and windy day on Friday. I lost quite a few pieces of Jesus, er, wafers in my journey outside.) After the second service, I stick around for lunch (coffee and bars) with the assisted living folks before making communion rounds at the care center. While having lunch, one woman seemed to be having the sniffles too. She pulled a kleenex out of her sleeve to attend to her nose and I thought to myself, “How cute is it that old women keep kleenex in their sleeves?” She’s not the first woman that I have seen do that. I preached this morning and thought I would try my hand, well, forearm, at such a strategy. I stuffed a kleenex up my sleeve and before I began to preach, right as people were singing the gospel alleluia, I tried to find it. Couldn’t find it. I looked all over the floor behind the alter. No kleenex. I grew worried it had fallen out elsewhere and that I looked like a ninny who was losing her marbles. Hmm. I preached. Served communion. Shook hands. No kleenex. I went to teach confirmation. Rolled up my sleeves. Pink kleenex on the floor. I told this same story to the fifteen confirmation students who were present. Yeah. It was a waste of their time too.
… My sister went to prom this past Saturday and was voted as prom queen! Woot!
… I preached this morning (see the post previous) and always consider it a small victory when I can make the congregation laugh. Check. There is a clear difference between our first service and second, the traditional and contemporary split, noted also in the volume of laughter. The first service typically just smiles loudly. My supervisor is usually pretty mum with sermon feedback for me; he finds value in me learning to self-evaluate. I understand this but always wonder what he is thinking. Today he told me – positive feedback brings me warm fuzzies. Check check.

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