bag ladies.

26 May
It was a Women of Grace night at church tonight. Women of Grace events fall under my coworker Emily’s jurisdiction and they’re held three times a year. Typically, an event like this brings in a speaker; in my time at Grace, there have been two other Women of Grace nights – Emily’s sister, who is a professor at Luther Seminary, and another woman with a darling southern accent were the speakers. It came time for this night and no speakers were to be found. They declined. Or were busy. We were stuck.
Emily and I brainstormed, searched the web, and finally landed upon this as the title of this night’s event for which WE became the speakers: What’s in your purse? What we carry with us as Christian women.
Does it sound lame? Maybe a bit corny? It was every bit corny, maybe a tad lame at parts but still completely awesome. We started with a purse party game and a clip from Friends (where Phoebe pulls a shoe, an egg, and a live goldfish from her purse). From there, we moved into our program – how the things we carry around in our purse can help us remember to live Christian lives. We scored a few laughs, especially when Emily pulled her shake-weight from the bottom of her purse.
After the program, we sewed! Each woman either sewed or watched someone else sew together for them a small bag to take home. Preparation for the sewing occupied my last few days, along with Karen, the expert sewer on staff. We cut yards and yards of fabric, cut and pinned webbing for handles and then serged the outer edges of all pieces. Phew. (Mom: I learned how to use a serger! Prior to this week, I didn’t even know what a serger was … scary looking machine.)

It was something different but I think the women who attended enjoyed the program. It was a lot of work and made for some crazy days this week but it was fun. Emily and I brought in all of our purses as props; we wore them around as we welcomed people. I carried my gnomes in mine; Emily carried her entire medicine cabinet and an emergency heat blanket. Crazy bag ladies. We’re thinking about taking our program on the road to other churches – book us?

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