four-ph of July

5 Jul
“He makes me melt like a popsicle on the four-ph of July,” Darla from Little Rascals
I did not melt on the fourth of July and can’t say I really ran across anyone who wanted to make me melt. (Though I did meet my friend, Kate, in Watertown because she wanted company when she saw Eclipse. I suppose it was a close call – shirtless Jacob would have made me melt if their theater hadn’t been so dastardly cold!)
I also thought about how I missed being in Edgerton for the fourth. Jenni’s annual fourth of July party. Allen’s birthday. Fireworks at Racetrack. Campfires. Those were the best nights, before we all moved away and grew up. Shucks.
I did have a good weekend though. I went to the explosive Fabric Warehouse sale in Willmar and came home with a few new projects to make. (Some of which I have already attempted and, yup, they have failed. Some epically, some not so badly.) I had dinner with a pair of congregation couples. Saturday was a good day.
Sunday I flew solo with worship, presiding at communion for the first time in regular Sunday worship. Now, technically, only ordained pastors are to preside at communion. There are a few outs to this and typically one only needs permission from the bishop of the synod and then all is well and good. We forgot to ask. Oops. Kendall was sure to give some advice regarding presiding at communion illegally, including (but not limited to) standing on top of the altar to avoid the congregation even realizing that I am not ordained (because they would instead be thinking something else) or standing beside the altar so as to avoid the lightning bolts God would send to smite me. I stood behind the altar (as one should) and survived. The entire service actually went off without a hitch. phew. I can do this.
I think I’ve been a bit burned out of late and last night was proof of it – I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 10am this morning. (There was a brief period of time at 4:30am where I was wide awake … but then dead asleep again shortly.) Further prescription for my burned-out nature – I’m on vacation this week! I’m heading into the Cities today, hopping on a plane with my mother tomorrow morning and flying to Colorado to visit the older brother. Blog posts to resume next week!

One Response to “four-ph of July”

  1. Karen July 8, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    No worry, Lindsay, we did have approval from the Bishop for Sunday. I just didn't put it in the bulletin because I didn't know if PK was going to be gone! "We" didn't forget to ask! – You're good! Have a great vacation! You deserve it – you have worked hard. We are going to savor the next 2 months!

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