14 Sep
The preferred method of note-taking has changed a lot in my last years of post-high school education.  I’ve done the binder method and the notebook method and the loose-leaf paper in a folder method, all trying to figure out what works best for me as a learner.  After I bought my MacBook and fell in love with its sleek titanium look and function, I became a computer note-taker.  The number of computers in classes has increased a lot since my first years in seminary.  [ My fellow Office-watching friends and I always liken it to the episode where Michael goes to Ryan’s business school as a guest speaker.  He tells the students, “Real business is done on paper.  (pause)  Write that down.”  The camera scans the lecture hall where all of the students are not writing it down, but typing it on their notebook computers. ]
I’m very excited about Pastoral Care: Care of Self and Care of Others.
Forget all of those.  I’m studying hard and I’m using my magnetic doodle board.  This was given to me on my last Sunday at Grace along with other very necessary school supplies.  And a bat in a jar.  That’s me in class, surrounded by computers.  All I need to know I can fit on my doodle board.

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