the difference in –

27 Sep
– a 5k and five mile run/walk.  (I’ll do the math for you – 1.8 miles.)
There is a run/walk at an apple orchard in White Bear Lake and every year, Luther promotes it and encourages students to sign up for the event.  This year the promo was a free tshirt and $10 off the registration fee.  Okay.  I was convinced, especially since I began back on the 10k training last week as one of my goals for fall.  A 5k run/walk – 3.2 miles.  I can definitely handle that.
A friend and I signed up.  And then Nathan caught that the five was followed not by a ‘k’ but by the word ‘mile.’  We signed up for a five MILE run/walk.  Not a 5k.  Opps.  (Who does that?  Miles instead of kilometers?  Americans, I suppose …)
The good news is that it is a run/walk.  We can run as much of it as we want and walk the rest.  I have no qualms about finishing at all; I just don’t know how timely we will be.  Until then, for the next four weeks, I’m back at it.  October 23rd is the day.  Here we go.

One Response to “the difference in –”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy September 29, 2010 at 9:20 pm #

    I will be cheering you on with my sparkly gold stars at the ready!

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