{ cheer on the twins from target field }

3 Oct

Luther Seminary bought a block of tickets to Friday’s game for students to then purchase at a discounted price.  I went to the game with the Gieseke’s, my Stillwater family.  We enjoyed ballpark food, the city view, the cold breeze coming from behind us as we sat in the very top row of the park, and mugs of hot chocolate to keep us warm.  The Twins unfortunately didn’t pull out a win but conversations about bow ties, Phoebe and Mike, Ben Franklin, and 7th inning karaoke made it a great night.  The gnome came too.

{ get lost in a corn maze }
{ bake a pie }
{ prepare a pot of chili, beer bread and invite friends over to enjoy }
{ step on the crunchy leaves }
{ sew a baby quilt }
{ homemade pizza on the pizza stone }
{ attend a wine tasting }
{ make and share these }
{ 10k training – the hiatus is over – it’s back on }
{ find a fall festival }
{ cabin weekend. a hike to the fire tower }
{ scarves.  puffy vests.  boots. }
{ read a for-fun book }
{ cheer on the twins from target field }
{ take a stroll around a lake }
{ pick my own pumpkin.  carve.  light. }

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