you. (me too.)

26 Oct
The process goes like this – I interviewed for approval with two faculty members of Luther Seminary, one being my advisor.  From there, they write a statement, either recommending the candidate or not, and bring it to a small group of faculty.  Once the small group approves it, my name is on a list of all approval candidates and will be voted on by the entire faculty.  … yea … complicated.  (necessary?  well.  not my call.)
Where am I going?  Here.  I received an email from my advisor today with the statement of my approval which will be presented to the small group of faculty.  Despite spelling my name incorrectly – I’m forever a Lindsey – it feels wonderful to read the things that were written.  I feel that they have an accurate sense of my call to ministry and gifts, including, “Lindsey takes great joy in how justification by grace alone make us children of God.  This doctrine opens up to her the love of God she hopes to share with others in and through her ministry.”  (That’s how it currently reads.  After a follow-up email, it will hopefully begin with “Lindsay.”)
I read the statement written about me for approval – specifically focusing on those two sentences I shared above – and then I found this photo on another blog.  It fits.  Believe it for yourself and those around you.

Believe it, originally uploaded by silent sequoias.

One Response to “you. (me too.)”

  1. Mary October 26, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    Congratulations, Lindsay! We already knew those things about you. Miss you, but do enjoy reading your blogs – keep them coming! Sam and Mary

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