Hey. It’s November.

2 Nov
When did that happen?

I don’t mind too much.  The weather is still great.  Cardigans and puffy vests and even, on chilly mornings, my black knit mittens make me comfortable and happy.  

Halloween is over and that’s fine by me.  What did I do on Halloween?  I went to church.  (Reformation Sunday.  Martin Luther.   You know.)  Sewed a little  bit.  Watched a movie or two while fiddling with things.  Read.  Went to the gym.  The end.  If there was a Scrooge of Halloween, I’d be it.  I didn’t even hand out candy.  *gasp*  The Scrooge of Halloween.  Despised by children, loved by dentists.  That would be my slogan.

November also means plans are in order for the fifth annual Thanksgiving Day Bake-Off with my birthday buddy and cousin, Connor ‘The Robert.’  The sister and another random cousin or two usually join us in seeking the treasured bake-off apron prize.  This year’s theme?  Ready?  Can you handle it?  Dessert that looks like a turkey.  Take that and run with it.  (The wheels are turning.)

I’ll be writing about people in my life for whom I’m thankful this month and writing snail mail notes to those people to tell them why.  A special trip to my favorite paper store was very necessary for this venture.  (Paper Source has an entire back wall of every size blank card to go in every size envelope in every color imaginable.  It is my happy place.)  My first thank-you hits the mailbox tomorrow.  The problem? (… that really is a blessing.)  I have far too many people for whom to be thankful in my life.  How on earth do I choose?

November, I think I welcome you.  I look forward to the bustling busy of the days to come with a new class on the book of Psalms, a Gap outlet shopping trip, a concert or two, a week break at Thanksgiving, and the possibility (more like promise) of the first snow.  You’re going to come and go faster than I please and probably before I can say (or complete), “rostered leader profile.” *  

*Papers upon papers of carefully thought out words and decisions and regions that will go to the powers that be to decide my fate for assignment as a pastor.  Due December 1.

One Response to “Hey. It’s November.”

  1. Cassie November 3, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    speaking of gap… i have a 30% off coupon for you for next weekend….and i still get nauseous whenever i think about the RLP. so, thanks for making feel sick right now. i'm going to go lay down. heh

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