be thankful on paper (4).

29 Nov
Okay.  I cheated.
I didn’t use paper.  I didn’t send out a thank you note this past Wednesday as I had promised to do.  
Want to hear my excuses?
You’re right.  They’re just excuses.  They don’t change the fact that I failed at my assignment.  *hangs head pathetically*
While I wasn’t thankful on paper as instructed, I coordinated some thankfulness on chalkboard instead.   (Does that make up for it at all?  Please?)  Chalkboard word bubbles to be exact – word bubbles which I made after finding this blog post.  So incredibly fun with so many ridiculous uses!

I don’t have a word bubble to say it but I felt so incredibly thankful for my family and friends at home this past week.  They’re good, great, and grand.  Marvelous.  Hilarious.  Loving.

They. are. awesome.

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