a birthday celebration.

11 Dec
As C. and his sister, Nell, wished me happy birthday in the post prior to this one, it was my birthday last week.  We celebrated the night prior with a hamball supper (not dinner), coffee with cakepops, and a few hours of volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.  In the hour we packed meals (chicken, veggies, soy, rice) with a larger group of volunteers, we assembled 62 boxes of food – enough to feed 37 kids for one year!  It’s an incredible non-profit.  We had a great time putting between 380 and 400 grams of food into plastic bags with a fun group of Mormon women.
It took me a bit of effort to find ground ham.  At one meat counter I inquired, the cute meat man behind the glass kinda smirked and said, “Ground ham?  That’s kind of a thing of the past …”  Or western Minnesota, I told him.  I finally succeeded in my quest and hamballs had we.  I’m still working my way through leftovers; tomorrow I might attempt/create hamball soup …

One Response to “a birthday celebration.”

  1. Karen December 11, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    You actually made hamballs? I can't believe it! I thought anything that could be made into a ball….. well I'm still stunned that it was your birthday dinner. Yes, Dawson is definitely a thing of the past but traditions are pretty strong in this area. I hope your birthday was good. Emily said you were traveling home. How did that go? Talk later, Karen

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