14 Dec
That’s what it’s been coined.  One of the worst snowstorms since the Halloween blizzard of ’91.  My friend Cassie’s facebook status on the day?  “It’s been so long since I’ve been in a blizzard … I’m not sure what to do but put my halloween costume on OVER my snowsuit.  (That’s normal blizzard practice, right?)”  I don’t actually remember said blizzard of my first grade year but I remember this one.  (It was two days ago and we have all this snow to prove it!)
I came back to St.Paul right after my approval interview on Friday to beat the Wisconsin snow that was supposed to come the next day, completely unaware of the impending doom approaching Minnesota.  Good thing I came back when I did.
I didn’t leave my apartment at all on Saturday or Sunday.  I was okay being snowed in.  (Unlike being snowed in last year at Christmas in Dawson.  I was not okay with that but survived.  Builds character and quilts or something I suppose.)  This blizzard forced me to work on finals (somewhat), gave me opportunity to sew a bit, make hamball soup (so not kidding) and sleep.  (I have a bed now – sleeping is all that much more exciting.  So long futon!)  My roomie and I baked and decorated cookies for a study break while watching a movie.  I didn’t need to go outside and so did not.  Thankfully.
A huge hand to those who are still clearing roads and sidewalks.  Absolutely unheard of, the St.Paul Public School system has a second day off today, as people are still digging out sidewalks and roads in these now nasty cold temperatures.

The seminary did not cancel classes.  *shaking angry fist*  Oh well.  I write this while in my LAST class of the semester. (And while hanging on every word of the professor teaching Psalms.  of course.) I turned in my last final paper early this morning – errr, 1:30 AM – and now will pick up the pieces of life that have been pushed to the back because of class/homework/approval.  Here I come, Christmas break!

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