Being home for Christmas means –

22 Dec
1. No wireless internet.  Means fewer blog postings.  Means I appreciate your patience, dutiful blog readers.
2. Christmas trees and holiday decorating.

3. Passing Santa driving an old rusted Chevy on the way into town this morning.  For serious.  [Driving into town to meet up with my Grandma’s Wednesday morning knitting group at the local coffee shop, only to find she had left before I arrived.  Also, for wireless internet.  See number one.]
4. The annual Christmas program at my home congregation.  As there needs to be each year, there was that one kid who yelled every word to every song.  Classic.
5. Banana Christmas with gift exchange.

Kim: Okay, now everyone wear your gift!

6.  The traditional eating of sponge candy with my Texan Banana, Allison.

7. Reading.  For fun books.  Finished Mansfield Park and onto a rereading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
8. My mother having each of her four children home at one time.  She has clarified many times that she loves having us home but do we really need to bring so much stuff home with us?

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