7 Jan
I have a friend at school.  (Actually, I have a few.)  We’ll call this one Kevin.  That’s not his actual name, but that’s what I call him.  And he calls me Penelope on occasion (my ‘fake’ name since college).  He’s in my morning January class this year – modern church history.  We give each other air fist bumps.
Kevin is crazy.  In such a wonderful way.  We’ve been friends since our first year when we were in a discipleship group together.  We had to tell our faith story in this group and Kevin – a white man in his early thirties with glasses – rapped his.  From that point on, I was intrigued.
And continue to be.  I can’t figure this guy out.  For example – yesterday –
(My roommate and I made fortune cookies; we brought them to class.)
Penelope: Want a fortune cookie?
Kevin: YES.  (starts to eat) These are good.
Penelope: They have almond extract in them that gives them a lot of flavor.
Kevin: You know, I’m allergic to almonds.  (takes another bite)

Later in the day –

Penelope: Hey Kevin, what are you thinking about?
Kevin:  How to build a climbing wall in Northwestern.
(NW is a building of offices and classrooms on campus.)
Penelope: Do you like to rock climb?
Kevin: No.
Or today.
Our professor mentioned this polar air front that’s supposed coming our way in a couple weeks.  Kevin turns around.  “Where’s Katy Perry when you need her?”  What.  “You know, she’s always singing about California.”
I do wonder what Kevin’s wife thinks.
I can only imagine she laughs a lot.

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