new blog.

24 Jan
I’ve added another new blog to my blog roll on the right – stolen fotos.  You should probably check it out.
It’s my elder brother’s second blog.  And, as the title admits, he is stealing beautiful photos from the web and claiming them as his own!  gasp.
Just kidding.  [The name puns do, in fact, get old but I still engage them.]
[Sidenote: The best name story involving my older brother?  He loses his wallet while in college.  Calls campus security or police or something.  “I’d like to report a stolen wallet.”  “Okay, sir.  What is your last name?”  “Stolen.”  “Sir, what is your last name?”  “Stolen.”  “Sir, I know it’s been stolen but I need to know your last name.”  We often joke that how great would it have been if it was my younger brother – not if he lost his wallet – that would be unfortunate – but the story would have been good.  “Can I have your name?”  “It’s Ben Stolen.”  “Yes, sir, I know it’s been stolen but I need to have your name.” oh har har]
Right.  My brother’s blog.  He travels a lot for work [lucky] and for fun, and his camera is his travel buddy.  This new site is a collection of his photos, often edited in an awesome fashion.  We’ve never got along too well in the past as we live on opposite ends of every spectrum (politics, religion … you know, the big ones, plus the fact that he speaks fluent sarcasm) but I’ll do him this advertisement.  Plus, we like each other more now that he lives in CO and I in MN.  
Moral of the story: new blog.  go there.

[late addition – Matt [the elder brother] brought this video to my attention again.  Obviously, no direct relation to my younger brother.  Except that is his name …]

2 Responses to “new blog.”

  1. Stolen January 24, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    Yes, that was a funny story that I had completely forgot about. Thanks for the press.

  2. Stolen January 24, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

    I forgot, Ben was on A&E's The First 48

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