I’m still here.

4 Feb
I haven’t blogged much this week.  Did you miss me?
I’m still here but feel I lack much blog-worthy.  (You think to yourself, ‘Well.  That has never stopped her before.’  True story.)
I could explain to you what I wonderful time I had staying with Aunt M., Uncle D., cousins Abbey and Riley last weekend.  We ordered in Chinese, they introduced me to Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC (my mouth was open in disbelief for the entire show), and we played board/card games all night.  
I could tell you about the two meals I’ve had at Muffuletta’s this week.  Muffuletta’s is just down the road from campus and so very delicious.  Once for a senior dinner (Dawson translation: supper) given by the alumni council and once for lunch (dinner) with my dear friend, Kate, who was visiting campus for convocation.  
I could share with you that I bought an iphone and it’s being shipped as I post.  I’m so very excited.  (And so very worried about the possible addiction that may follow.  I’ve already downloaded apps.)
I could tell you about the date night I had with my friend, Sara, last night.  We went back to the fabric warehouse and both cut bolts upon bolts of fabric for quilt tops.  Her first (yay!) and mine for Kari and Chris’ baby (a luther sem friend in WA).  I also bought my fabric to finish covering my wall … and gnome fabric.  No idea what I will do with it but it begged to come home with me.
I could update you on that long to-do list I made for myself for this week off of class.  The easy things are finished and only the difficult tasks remain.  I work on my final history exam as we speak (rather I’ll continue to work following this post) and need to think about thesis topics seriously.  And that whole project etsy … still scared.  But the wheels are still turning.

Hey, the Packers are in the Superbowl.  There’s going to be a party at my apartment, thrown by my roomie and I.  You should come.  

One Response to “I’m still here.”

  1. Karen February 5, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    I am guessing you went to SR Harris! Isn't it wild? I love your idea of putting fabric on the wall. I am still so jealous of how you get all those projects done. We loved your cake pops. I am feeling kinda guilty – we should be sending you stuff – you are the one in school…but we love it.Take care – I love to read about all your adventures. Karen

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