today’s happiness.

16 Feb
The food processor (which I love, btw.  you’ve heard me profess my feelings for this kitchen appliance previously.) has pretty much remained on the counter for the last few weeks, rarely returning to its place of storage in the pantry closet.  What do I use it for?


So delicious.  Today it’s my ‘recovery’ drink after kenpo karate/quick dinner before heading off to confirmation in Stillwater.

Half a cup of greek yogurt.
One cup of frozen triple berry fruit mix.
Half a cup of OJ.
Half a cup of water.

Ta da.  That’s it.

And so delicious.  [did I say that already?]

I came across this post a few weeks ago [this one too] and have experimented with smoothies a little bit since then.  I tried carrots. That was a fail … too chewy.  I’ve tried a bit of instant oatmeal.  (I love oatmeal.)  I also love the idea of adding some Carnation instant breakfast for a little extra punch, esp. if the smoothie is my breakfast, but I cannot find it in vanilla.  Only chocolate.  Something tells me I don’t want to add chocolate instant breakfast to my triple berry mix.

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  1. cassination February 17, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    hot cup.

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