a cakepop comedy.

27 Feb
Like Adam and Eve in the garden, good things can turn towards evil ways.
Cakepops are causing problems.
I went home this weekend, recalling that I owed cousin, Marissa, and her family a dozen cakepops.  (Remember how cousin, Connor, begged for cakepops on facebook?  Cousin Marissa commented later and requested the same.  I aim to please.)
Sister Emma and I undertake the cakepop endeavor Friday night upon my arrival home.  (One funfetti and one yellow made with strawberry jam.)  Emma mistakenly wrote on facebook her activity for the evening.  Cousin Connor commented.  Cousin Connor asked to come join in the cakepop fun.  I agree that he can come over.  Remember – I aim to please.
I told cousin Connor that he must check with his siblings, Molly and Sam, to see if they wanted to come too.  Cousin Connor did so half-heartedly and halfway, not contacting Molly who was visiting a friend a few houses away.  Molly came home, realizing Connor was gone constructing cakepops, and was utterly cross.  She was angry at brother Connor.  
I sent cakepops home with Connor as a peace offering to the missing cousins, Sam and Molly.  I aim to please.  Their older brother, Brent – who bought a house across the street but still walks over for food when his girlfriend is working – happened to be there.  He enjoyed a cakepop.
Were I ever to open a cakepop business – which Connor thinks I should, sticking to the name ‘Holy Balls’ – older cousin, Brent, would have a quote on my business card.  His mom told me the next day that Brent said the following upon eating a cakepop –
I know I can’t – but if I could – I mean, I know we’re related – but I would marry Lindsay for these.

Mighty high praise for cakepops.  And hilarious, especially if you know Brent and his sense of humor.  
But people might interpret it in a not-so-funny way were it actually on a business card?  Maybe?

“Cakepops.  So good you’ll want to marry your cousin.”

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