cakepop conclusions.

14 Mar
I conducted tests.  I employed friends as consultants.  I heard from many and the results are in.
Starbucks cakepops kinda aren’t good.  At all.
[phew.  sign of relief.]
Sorry, billion-dollar international corporation.  I will still purchase coffee from you.  I love your VIA instant packets and your oatmeal.  But your cakepops?  [said to the tune of “Buzz, your girlfriend,” Home Alone reference]  Yuuuuck.  *sick sounds*
Starbucks was giving away free cakepops with the purchase of a drink last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Do I sound pathetic if I tell you I went everyday?
Kara isn’t sold.
I went on Thursday by myself.  Friday, my friend, Kara, said, well hey, let’s go on our way to the Luther College alumni event that night.  Saturday, I did further research with pals Joel, Melissa, and Paige.  [So I didn’t go by myself each day, and it wasn’t my idea to go everyday.  Less pathetic?]
Paige, Joel, and Melissa are less than thrilled.
I also heard from friends, Kay and Megan, and cousin, Molly, who all told me that Starbucks has nothing on the homemade version.
Molly, one of my biggest cakepop fans and eaters, says thumbs down.
Thanks for your dutiful research and cakepop conclusions, friends.  I’m confident that homemade cakepops will continue to taste better than the coffee shop version, but my fear is that now the novelty of the cakepop will be lost.  “Is that a cakepop?   I’ve seen those at Starbucks!”  Grr.

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