what up, wednesday.

16 Mar
As Seinfield was a show about nothing, thus is this blog post.  [I never really got into Seinfield; I didn’t really understand it.  Bet you have real high hopes for this post now, eh?  Not.]  I think I’ll talk about the good things of today, I thought as I walked up to campus for a meeting.  I wanted alliteration in the title (always good) but ‘wonderful wednesday’ was a little too rainbows and gumdrops for my taste.  So I go gangster on you instead.  [Right, you think.  Lindsay?  Gangster?  Synonymous with DON’T GO TOGETHER.]
what up, wednesday. *head tilts back in oh-so-cool acknowledgement*
What’s up today?
A date [okay, appointment] with Brentt, my hair stylist;  
AND lunch out with Katja, M.’s mom;
AND plans to spend lots of time crafting with M. next week while she’s on spring break;  
AND a new-to-me fondue pot, courtesy of Katja; 
AND the watching of last night’s Glee, which I really appreciated and enjoyed;
AND p. 12 of the Concord, Luther Seminary’s student paper; 
[Who’s that girl with the snarky look?  Yup.]
AND a meeting about my children, youth, and family thesis, which I’m now totally excited to write;  
[Who’s the crazy lady who likes to write papers?  Yup.]
AND it was sunny and nearly fifty and I wore flip flops;
AND stopping at Starbucks to chat with friend, Cassie, while my eyes were dilated after an eye exam;
AND time to quilt tonight;
AND should I keep going?
What’s on your what up, wednesday list?  
I hope you can mentally make a list like this for your own day.  It’s not to say that your whole day has to be peaches and ice cream; mine wasn’t.  [And peaches and ice cream?  Why would I use such a comparison?  Ack.  No thanks.]  I could have told you how I shelled out lots of money for an eye exam and contacts on top of it.  I might have mentioned the load of midterms I feel weighing upon me.  I could have talked about any number of things that didn’t go spectacularly on this day like the matching blisters on each of my pinky toes due to a pair of shoes.  
But eh.  Why focus my energy there?  Not today.  Not worth it.  Instead –
Source: google.com via Hana on Pinterest

[Easier said than done.  But let’s give it a try.]

One Response to “what up, wednesday.”

  1. Erin March 22, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    "rainbows and gumpdrops…"hahhaahaa!

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