19 Mar
I’ve lost my gym shoes.
Have you seen them?
[Seriously.  I’m not typically too spacey … and don’t often lose things … but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.]
Last worn on Tuesday.  [I know, I know.  That doesn’t bid too well for my work-out schedule … but I did do yoga today, one form of exercise that does not require shoes.  I wore them home from the gym on Tuesday.  I know this for sure because I remember thinking to myself, ‘This is naughty,’ as I stared at the signs in the gym that yell at us in capital letters – ‘PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR GYM SHOES OUTSIDE.’]

If I had a picture, I’d show you what they look like.  And if I had money to spare, I’d give a reward to the person who finds them.  How about a cakepop?

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