the starbucks drive-thru.

21 Mar
Cassie and I went to the bank [she needed quarters], to DSW [she needed shoes], and then to Starbucks [we both needed wanted coffee].  [Can you tell I was the tag-alonger on Cassie’s errands?]

[enter drive-thru]
Guy: Welcome to Starbucks.  How are you today?
Cassie: Good.  How are you?
Guy: [kinda giggles, almost surprised that someone returned the question] Oh, pretty good.  What can I get for you today?
[Cassie places order.]
Guy: Can I interest you in a rocky road cakepop today?
Cassie:  No!  We don’t like your cakepops!
Guy: Oh, well … [kinda giggles again] how about another treat?
Cassie:  No thanks.
[Guy gives total; asks us to pull forward.  He opens window.]
Guy: Bon jour!
[Cassie and I giggle.  Exchange of money happens.  Guy runs away from the window, and then returns.]
Guy: Sorry.  I had to shut the dishwasher off.  Didn’t want it to overflow!
[He leaves the window to grab out drinks.]
Cassie: [turns to me]  He’s a redhead!  [my favorite.  along with Matt Damon.]
[He returns.  Hands us our drinks and leans down, his arms resting on the ledge of the window.]
Guy: So where are you guys off to?
Cassie: We’re heading back to school.
Guy: Where do you go to school?
Cassie: Luther Seminary.  [gives directions as to where the school is]
Guy: Oh, yeah.  I know where that is.  It’s really beautiful over there.
[We giggle.  We’re a little smitten by the redhead.  And because, yeah, it’s nice but it’s not that nice.]
Guy: Well you ladies have a good day.

[Oh.  We will, Mr. Sing-song-lean-down-onto-the-window-to-have-a-chat-with-us.  We will.  Because of you.]

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