favorite links of late.

9 Apr
It gets no cuter than this.  Seriously.

How genius is this?  Oh, Martha, how I love you.

I love Easter.  [Were you aware?]  As a child a la middle school, I held Easter parties for my friends.  Egg hunts, art projects, pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny, you name it.  These are on my to-do list, maybe even to coat the inside with chocolate like a European Kinder surprise egg.

A good reminder.  Know your gifts and use them.  It’d be a shame not to share all you’ve been given.

Growing up, my mom had a wingback chair.  I used to think it was uncomfy and definitely not my favorite.  Seeing these green ones makes me think my tastes have changed.  To do: Learn to reupholster furniture.

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